Spain 2050 Dialogue Contribution

The Spanish government’s National Office of Foresight and Strategy published the Spain 2050 document as a starting point for dialogue on a long-term national strategy. We at the  Oid! participated with a series of proposals based on a concept of innovation as per the Oslo Manual, which specifically includes design.

In particular, contributions were made to Chapters 1, 4 and 5. As regards the first point, where the low productivity of our economy is analysed, it is proposed to promote the design orientation of companies and public entities with the objective of maximising the value of their production through product differentiation.

As regards Point 4, related to the transformation towards a sustainable society, reference is made to the need to integrate design as a facilitator of circularity in the development of goods and services and as a strategic tool for new sustainable and competitive business models.

In Chapter 5, called “Preparing our welfare state for a longer-lived society” we focus on working under the approach that design makes innovation possible in order to trigger systemic change and strengthen the capacity for co-creation in innovation processes through co-design.