The circular economy in the Valencian Community’s business ecosystem

The first diagnosis carried out in the Valencian Community on the situation of circularity in its business sphere. A study which discloses the degree of knowledge and integration of strategies and actions associated with the circular economy in companies. Undertaken within the framework of the ADCV’s EnCircular project.

Its research has been carried out with the collaboration of the specialised consultancy firm GfK, which has conducted 472 surveys to companies based in the Valencian Community, belonging to the major industrial, trade, services and tourism sectors.

The study meets one of the founding purposes of EnCircular: to acquire deeper knowledge of the Valencian ecosystem related to the circular economy and to investigate its challenges and difficulties, in order to put forward proposals and solutions to strengthen its innovative capacity.

The study data can assist in designing eco-innovation plans and policies. The report likewise serves to contemplate on the situation of the circular economy in our region, to become aware of what has been achieved and to work steadfastly on that which is still pending, in order to continue the transformation process from the linear to the circular.