Nine standards of design use in organisations

Research project in which thirty companies from the Valencian Community have participated, with different profiles and from diverse sectors of activity. The result is a guide about how design is actually implemented in business management.

The objective has been to update the tool created by the ADCV in 2018 ‘Design Use Patterns’ to define and understand the tactical and strategic uses of design in organizations, as well as the impacts these generate. Identifying the nine design use standars and discovering inspirational insights offer real opportunities for companies to benefit from the powers of design and successfully attain their objectives.

For several years, the analysis of the relationship between companies and design which has been undertaken by the Oid! has had the objective of compiling data to convert same into useful tools that increase productivity in the Valencian business ecosystem. With this research we have taken a further step. It has been possible to define and understand, in greater degree, the tactical and strategic uses of design in organizations, as well as the results these generate.

The thorough approach, on a small scale and with information obtained first-hand, has been essential to discern the direct correlation between the decisions in which design intervenes and its effects on organizations. It has likewise rendered it possible to know the day-to-day requirements that entrepreneurs face.