Dissemination Report Design Orientation Scale (DOS)

The Design Orientation Scale quantitatively measures the use of design in companies and its direct effect on competitive advantage in differentiation. This document was drawn up by the ADCV together with Dr. Mónica Cantó, scale author, summarises the characteristics, operation and implementation of this design orientation scale.

The design orientation scale enables the company to understand its level of design orientation, to identify this disposition and, accordingly, to point out options for improving its results and its effectiveness in product differentiation.

The research makes two particularly major contributions. The first is that the research quantifies a company’s design orientation, resulting in a numerical value. The second is that the research demonstrates the existence of causality between design orientation and competitive advantage in terms of both product differentiation capacity and perceived business efficiency. In other words, Dr. Mónica Cantó’s research confirms that design orientation in the company generates competitive advantage.

These findings are particularly relevant as these scientifically explain, how competitive advantage is generated through design.